Prophecy Rings True

It started with an exploding star…

The tale begins with an omen unlike any other: a comet. Oh, I know what you’re thinking; comets aren’t really that unusual. Known by common folk as “wandering stars,” comets create memorable celestial displays every few years or so. Though seen by some as bad portents, most scholars understand that certain comets appear regularly and are just one more feature of Eberron’s sky. None of them, however, could say that they had ever heard of or read about one quite like the star that appeared two years after the Last War.

The star and its flickering tail were immense, their otherworldly, purplish glow casting entire night skies in dark light that appeared to vibrate somehow. Despite the assurances of sages and mystics that wandering stars were perfectly natural phenomena, few who viewed it felt that it bode well for their future; there was something singularly unsettling about it. Paranoids and doom-sayers began to spring up everywhere, each prophesying his own particular end-of-the-world to anyone who would listen.

And then, without warning, the comet exploded.

In spite of the apparent violence of it, there was no sound, no earth-shaking boom. It simply burst apart and filled the sky one night at midnight like some noiseless firework display or an eerie violet flower spreading in bloom for a few short moments before fading forever… and yet, there was a shock-wave of sorts. At that moment, every thinking being the world over felt a chill, a twinge of… wrongness, like something walking over their graves. It’s a feeling most people experience at various points in their lives, but this once, the entire population of the world shivered in unison at the star’s passing. Scant seconds later, the sensation was gone along with the disturbing light in the sky, and for the peoples of Eberron, all was returned to normal.

Well… for everyone but you…

Nothing has been quite right since that night. Like a disease or curse (or both), each of you has been plagued by strange happenings: random losses of consciousness, storms of ticklish itches running across the back and arms, faint shapes and patterns floating just at the edges of vision, whispers of gibberish muttering underneath other everyday sounds. One or more of you have even blinked out of existence for short periods of time, reappearing minutes or hours later with no sensation of time’s passage.

Needless to say, these frightening occurrences warrant investigation. Petitions made to mage colleges or to House Jorasco for aid eventually lead you all to an aged halfling healer in Starilaskur…

Prophecy Rings True

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