Prophecy Rings True

The Hunter and the Dwarf
Sessions 2 & 3

Upon returning to the caravan camp, information shared by certain contacts revealed that a bounty had been placed upon the heads of the group, while the Lord seemingly responsible for all this was away enjoying a hunting trip. After ordering Raulin to strike camp, the group decided to pay Lord Edrick a visit.

When they arrived at Rathburne’s hunting lodge, they discovered most of his men-at-arms slain and the Lord himself under siege by goblin mercenaries. The adventurers held off the goblinoids long enough to convince Rathburne that they needed his help. Before he died, he told them that he was a dupe in all this, that his dagger had been stolen, and that Thaddeus had been acting strangely ever since that comet…

The group returned to the camp’s new location. Once there, they decided to see if any information coukd be gleaned from Caius, High Priest of Starilaskur’s temple of the Host. However, the wiley cleric quickly saw through the attemped deception and identified the party as those under suspicion of murdering his friend. Once told their story, though, he determined that they were innocent. He pointed out that Thoran had made off with the murder weapon as well as a rather inconsistent story; perhaps he was a more likely suspect than Thaddeus.

When the smith’s workshop was investigated a second time, a passage leading to deep natural caverns was revealed. While exploring these, the characters were attacked by a strange race of goblin-like rodent people. The ambushers were defeated and two were taken prisoner…

The First Steps...
Session 1 Summary

The troupe of heroes (plus Raulin & co.) came to the Brelish city of Starilaskur seeking the aid of a source apparently knowledgeable about their “condition.” They met with an elderly, semi-retired halfling Healer named Juaraan, formerly of House Jorasco, who seemed to have quite an adventurous and footloose past.

Before she could reveal anything pertinent to the group’s problems, the PCs were overcome by a sudden loss of consciousness resulting from their affliction. They awoke to find Juaraan murdered before them, followed swiftly by the arrival of the city guard who had been tipped off.

After successfully deluding the guard sergeant that Juaraan was still alive and well, the team investigated the house before leaving. They discovered:

  • That they were still under surveillance by a person or persons unknown
  • Juaraan’s strange scrapbook, from which the killer had removed about thirty pages or so
  • A number of mystical events woven about the halfling’s bedroom, which resulted in the disappearance of her steamer trunk
  • A maker’s stamp apparently dropped by someone fleeing the scene. The mark bore the name of Thoran, a local blacksmith

The covert surveillance continued through most of the night as the troupe returned to make their nightly performances.

The next day, the Juaraan disguise was again employed, this time before the local guard captain, to discover that the “anonymous tip” that led the guard to Juaraan’s house was submitted by a local agent of Lord Edrick Rathburne. After the subsequent discovery of the Healer’s death by Bishop Caius of the Sovereign Host, the imposter fled the scene under cover of bats to reunite with the carnival outside the city walls. It was decided then that some among them would attempt to track down Thoran the blacksmith while others combed the city for their own information sources.

Thoran’s smithy proved to be closed, but upon entry, the PCs discovered its proprietor still at work lurking about the storage room. After being convinced that these shop-breakers were neither murderous nor insane, Thoran revealed that the dagger used to kill Juaraan was of his make, crafted for Lord Rathburne by special commission. The dagger was also enchanted to record images of the last homicide at which it was present. Though this was meant to aid its attuned owner (posthumously) in the event of untimely demise, it could only transfer this power if given away freely rather than taken. Because if this, it came as less surprise when the dagger showed the killer to be Thaddeus, Lord Edrick’s dim-witted son and Thaddeus’s sometimes apprentice…


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